Inspired by science, nature and the historical practises of ancient cultures, Uspa products uniquely meld herbal and scientific technology.

To enhance the functionality and application of the botanical ingredients,
the pure elements and natural extracts are complimented by the latest technology to create uniquely balanced effective care and choices for your :

•     Skin
•     Hair

Uskincare offers

•     Simple - daily maintenance rituals
•     A dedicated men’s skincare range ‘Supernatural Men’
•     Mud Therapy – to restore, balance, detoxify and repair
•     Cell Therapy - to address specific skin conditions
•     Elixirs – handcrafted pure plant extracts to customise individual skincare and to promote aromatherapy synergy
•     Body products to cleanse, exfoliate and restore
Uspa Inspired Treatments

•     Clarity Essential Facial
•     Concept Facials
•     Elixir Infusion
•     Tropical Cocktail Wrap



I have been using Azulene After Shave Balm by USPA Supernaturalmen for about 7 weeks now and what a great product!

I have BRACHIO RADIAL PRURITIS with no cure.

The Azulene After Shave Balm is the only thing that seems to help, it reduces the itch, soothes and cools.
Thank you.
Margaret Horrell

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