Skin Care Treatments

Holistic Peels

Grape Wine Peel

1/2 hr - $75

This peeling treatment is based on a 20% fruit acid complex that gently, but effectively, removes the top layer of skin cells stimulating cellular renewal and revitalising the skin. Grape wine extracts provide essential polyphenol nutrients and antioxidants to calm, nourish and revitalise; The result is an instantly smoother, refined skin – without irritation. For best results an intensive course is recommended.

Grape Wine Peel with Collagen
1 hr - $150

Instantly erase your wrinkles with a grape wine peel followed by an intense infusion of pure collagen. The skin rejuvenating grape wine peel beautifully prepares the skin for a 100% saturation of super hydrating collagen for a soothing and replenishing skin boost. This powerful facial both refines and hydrates to reveal a radiant new, more youthful skin.

Papaya Enzyme Peel
facial treatment upgrade - additional $20

Harnessing the natural enzymatic exfoliation action of papaya and pineapple, this tropical treatment gently softens, brightens and clears the complexion. Skin is left incredibly clean, smooth and radiant – it is the perfect skin preparation for maximum delivery of our super intensive anti- ageing actives – ask for an upgrade in your next facial and discover a new level of results!

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Oxygen Therapy

Echo 2 oxygen therapy

It’s the latest weapon of choice for celebrities looking to keep signs of ageing at bay and it uses pure oxygen gas – with our modern lifestyle increasingly choked with stress and pollution, this is truly a breath of fresh air.

Youth Elixir O2 Facial
1 hr - $140

21st Century skincare science floods the skin with 180 million nutrient particles a second of pure oxygen gas, vitamins A, C, E and essential minerals. This cascade of micronised nutrients revitalises every skin cell pore by pore, banishing fine lines, wrinkles and dehydration. The result is an instant fresh rejuvenated skin, glowing with good health that looks younger and younger with every treatment - a natural facelift!

Acne Diffusion
1 & 1/4 hrs - $150

This treatment will deep cleanse and diffuse troubled skin conditions. We combine wildflower essences (for your inner balance) with the remarkable anti-bacterial and healing properties of pure oxygen gas. This unique combination will regulate, clear and refresh your complexion, to restore the skins natural equilibrium and your confidence.

Cellulite Cure

from 60 min

This treatment will rev up the cell metabolism and rid the body of dimple-causing fats & toxins by supplying essential oxygen and nutrients to the stagnant cells that cause cellulite. The pure oxygen gas gives cells a 'kick start' restoring a healthy metabolism so they can naturally process and remove the trapped toxins & fatty materials, effectively breaking down the cellulite.

The result is firmer, smoother, softer skin - fast!

Pre/Post Operative
from 30 min

Oxygen is vital to the life of every cell in our body, including skin cells! Cosmetic surgeons all over the world are now taking advantage of the remarkable Oxygen Gas Skin therapy to help their clients in two key areas: Firstly in pre-operative to ensure your skin is at the peak of good health before any procedure is undertaken, and secondly post-operative - after a procedure, using the ability of oxygen to boost collagen production and repair & heal the damaged skin fast!

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Concept Facials

Clarity Essential

1 hour - $80

A customised facial beginning with client needs analysis, cleanse and skin analysis. Deep cleansing and rich rejuvenation with pure plant extracts for face. Aromatherapy for body and mind and massage for face and feet, intense clay masques refine and deep cleanse. A soothing scalp massage to 'complete'.

Following with exfoliant whip, lymphatic and relaxing facial and scalp massage. 

Then receive a ritual Balinese body palming and hand massage as your masque takes effect. Refresh with a balancing spritz, before your pure cell therapy application and final hydration.

Complete Concept
1.5 hours - $95

Hydramax *Regenerative * Purifying * Refining * De-sensitising

Each of the 5 Concept facials begin with a ritual Balinese foot bath, exfoliation and needs analysis. Deep cleansing, rich rejuvenation with pure plant extracts, aromatherapy for body and mind, massage for face Ritual Balinese body palming and intense clay masques to refine and deep cleanse.

The Lift Petite
1.5 hours - $99

Non-surgical facelift giving dramatic results. The mineral powders, fruit extracts and enzyme boosters gently stimulate circulation and help restore muscle tone and elasticity for instantly noticeable, lifted, firmer skin.

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Signature Treatment

The Divine Goddess Facial
1 hr - $155

Discover the Goddess in you with nature's most powerful wrinkle remover found only in the beautiful Hibiscus flower - this natural beauty secret works like Botox to smooth dynamic wrinkles and banish fine lines! Combined with your choice of Caviar, Vitamin C or Whitening actives your journey to beauty begins with an aromatic relax and de-stress cleanse, followed by a cooling and soothing active massage mask.To complete the transformation your fine lines are then targeted with an intensive anti-ageing infusion of pure collagen and Myoxinol - nature's own Botox, extracted from the Hibiscus flower - while a gentle scalp massage soothes your inner soul. Awaken to reveal the Goddess in you.

Soul & Skin Spa Ritual
1 & 1/2 hrs - $140

The ultimate facial indulgence, this holistic beauty ritual nurtures your skin and senses on every level - leaving you with the radiant youthful glow of good health and complete well-being.

Wildflower essences, the finest aromatherapy oils and purest organic skin care are all applied with a caring and deeply relaxing touch. While naturally revitalising the skin we balance the body's inner energies using the ancient Ayurvedic healing art of Chakra Balancing.

Working with the natural flow of energy your therapist moves through the major meridians and chakras, applying the essences, gently releasing stress to restore inner balance and harmony. As healing hands glide across your body, stress melts away like ice on a summer day

NEW Tibetan Healing Facial
1 hr - $120

Experience a new level of wellness, with this unique ayurvedic inspired healing ritual.

Designed and customised to the unique needs of your skin and lifestyle, this holistic spa facial merges ancient Tibetan healing traditions with professional skincare to enhance your skin health, energy and well-being.

With gentle strokes, Kansa - the sacred ayurvedic healing metal of India - gently harmonises and re-charges the aura, smoothing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin. Mineral rich clays refine and purify the skin while the healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls fills the room, resonating with your chakras, clearing and energising.

The result is a powerful sense of complete healing, that delivers total well-being and radiant, silky soft skin.

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Skin Care Intensives

Peptide Power Facial

In urgent need of some serious skin care? These intensive facials deliver a fast boost of regenerating actives directly into the skin.

Express Active

45 mins - $85

In a wonderfully cooling and soothing facial massage, potent actives are released from a freeze-dried organic biomatrix and infused into the skin. Choose the Express Active facial for your skin's needs

Express Caviar – great for all skin types, especially mature, dry and ageing skin.
Express Vitamin C – great for all skin types, especially fatigued and stressed skin.
Express Whitening – brings a new natural alternative to the challenge of pigmentation and skin lightening.

For best results an intensive course is recommended.

Peptide Power

1 hr - $130

The ultimate combat for life's 'little attacks' on the skin. This ultra-firming power facial pumps high performance anti- ageing actives deep into the skin. The unique combination of plant-derived bio-peptides instantly erases facial wrinkles for naturally smoother, firmer and healthier skin. This peel off mask treatment is an amazingly powerful skin restoration system, for immediate and long-term visible wrinkle reduction.

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Wildflower Facials

To bring you inner calm and beauty, our nurturing starts from the inside with the ancient healing of native Australian wildflowers. Used for centuries by the Aboriginal people, naturopathic doctors capture and bottle the vital essence of these unique wildflowers.

The essences work to reduce stress, naturally improving our inner well-being, and this is reflected in healthy, beautiful skin.

Wildflower Healing
1 hr - $80

A flower essence journey that indulges the skin and senses. High performance actives, anti-oxidants and essential skin nutrients in a soothing base of healing herbals and wildflowers, work to cleanse, hydrate and revitalise the skin. Elemental aromatherapy oil facial massage melts away tensions, for stress-free skin that glows with radiant health.

Mini Flower

45 min - $65

When time is precious, this wildflower pick me up facial is the answer to boost your complexion and your energy! A revitalizing and rejuvenating mini-treat that includes cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration for all skin types.

Purity Cleanse
1 hr - $75

Reduces excess oiliness and balances the complexion. We combine the deep cleansing properties of Kaolin and Bentonite clays with cooling witch hazel, balancing geranium and ground wattle husks to purify and decongest. Leaves pores refined and complexion smooth and clear.

Collagen Booster
1 hr - $110

Feeling like a second skin, this super intense facial combines nutrient rich organics and healing wildflowers with a 100% saturation of pure collagen for a luxurious and replenishing skin boost. Moisturises and regenerates, leaving the skin revived, totally hydrated and wrinkle free.

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Waxing & Tinting


Lip $10.00
Chin $10.00
Eyebrows $15.00
Underarms $15.00
Bikini - from $15.00
Tummy Line $10.00
Bottom 1/2 Leg $25.00
Top 1/2 Leg  $30.00
Full Leg $50.00
Arm Wax - from $20.00
Men’s Waxing        
Back   $40.00
Chest $40.00
Shoulders $20.00
Neck $20.00
Eyebrows $15.00
Full Leg $60.00

Eyebrows $15.00
Eyelashes $15.00
Lash/brow tint & wax $40.00

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